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Business cards

Businesscards may be produced by applying various technologies.
Silk-screen printing allows producing of exclusive business cards using designer’s paper types.
Amplification of visual effect is possible by embossing with various kinds of metallic foil and by selective varnishing.
Advantages of offset printing is high quality full-color image and moderate price for large number of copies.
Digital printing allows production of business cards
in maximum short terms on paper with density up to 300 g/m2.



Stickers of various formats and shapes are made of high quality self-adhesive or electrostatic polyvinylchloride film or paper with application of specific paints that allow exploitation of stickers in atmospheric conditions for a long time.
Stickers printed on electrostatic (non-bonding) film are intended for placement of advertising information on screens of monitors, TV sets, screens of mobile phones, photovideoequipment.


Water varnish decols (decalcomania)

Decols are movable images, produced by silk-screen printing on special gummed paper(with coating by water-soluble glue). After wetting image may be moved from paper and transferred to any even surface. Decols are used for decoration of music instruments, souvenirs, sports supplies, products of wood or other materials. As a rule, products after printing of decol are varnished for fixation.
Our inventions in the area of polygraphic materials allow making decol maximum elastic and comfortable for transfer to large surfaces and resistant to following varnishing.


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New Year decorations with logotype printing

Christmas-tree decorations (balls) with printed pictures is an excellent presentation and advertising means within pre-New Year period. Elegant ball with printed logotype or trademark image may be not only decoration of office Christmas-tree, but as well sophisticated New Year gift or action prize.
Unique method of image transfer allows placement of images in any color appearance on New Year toys.


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Self-adhesive pockets for special tickets
(insurance, warrant of fitness)

Self-adhesive pockets of transparent polyvinylchloride have esthetic look, provide safety of special tickets and reliable fixation on car windshield. Also pocket may be effective carrier of advertising information for insurance, automobile and service enterprises.
Our enterprise is the first in Ukraine to propose placement of advertisement on transparent pockets on these products.


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Sealing stickers

Sealing stickers are made by silk-screen printing on special material that have high adhesiveness and low mechanical resistance making impossible to remove sticker without its mechanical damage. Sealing stickers are used for warranty sealing of various instruments, computer equipment, game machines, cash registers, etc.


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Printing on plastic

Printing on plastic is applied for production of advertising and souvenir, presentation products and trade equipment. Application during printing specific paints of leading world manufacturers guarantees high esthetic specification and image resistivity during exploitation process.
The most spread types of advertising accessories of sales outlet are wobblers – images on thin flexible stripe of plastic, stoppers – double-faced advertising images fixing to walls and constructions at right angle, shelfstockers – thin plastic panels framing shelves with advertised products. Production of various items of bent plastic with printed image (trivets for telephone, table business card holders, paper containers, etc.).


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Fabric printing

Application of high quality paints guarantees high resistance and esthetic specifications of images that may be printed on T-shirts, bandannas, working clothes, clothes for advertising events, etc.
Images may be printed to cutout or finished product by direct method (silk-screening directly on fabric) and indirect (image transfer by thermal transfer).


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Images balloons

Balloons with printed image – logotype or any other image – is spectacular decoration and beautiful gift for presentations, celebrations, weddings, children’s holidays and other events. Using balloons and highly elastic paints of leading world manufacturers guarantees high quality.


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Advertising-souvenir magnets

Magnets are made of various materials: plastics, paper, PVC film (on flexible magnetic vinyl), ceramics, leather, in transparent acrylic case and other types. This is effective advertising means that decorate any metallic surface – refrigerator, system unit, safe, etc.


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Images on pens, lighters, key rings

Images on pens, lighters, key rings and other small souvenir products are printed by silk-screening, foil embossing or die stamping depending on complexity of logotype and configuration of product.


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Printing of logotypes and advertising information

Possibilities of silk-screening and hot embossing allow production of high quality company cases, including those of designer’s paper types; print elements of corporate style on notebooks, diaries, business card case, purses.




Car fresheners

Inexpensive and practical, these souvenirs fastly gained popularity in advertisement market. Advertising efficiency of fresheners was proved practically – it is far more efficient than booklets and cards, because it influences the owner of the souvenir and one’s surrounding, for example, car passengers.
Production of aromatizers involves special high-capillary material that except its external specifications possesses important advantage – gives steadiness to scent.
Also not the least of the advantages of carton aromatizers is possibility of random shape selection.


Advertising publications

Our enterprise proposes full range of services of publication of advertising printing products – catalogs, booklets, prospects, books, calendars, etc.
Professional design, editing and prepress preparation provide high level of product quality in any price range – starting from the simplest forms produced by means of small offset printing and up to elite publication using special postpress processes.



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